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How To Become A Racist

Course Pre-Launch

Dynamic 3-module self-guided course
designed to amplify humanity.  

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"This workshop is a combination of transcending philosophy and the knowledge and wisdom on how to end racism".

This is the workshop that folks keep off their calendar!

Yet, in the end, they want to invite everyone they know to attend.

How to Become a Racist isn't what you think, but will make you think.


With over 100 attendees to date, this workshop has been transformed into a self-guided course for you to go deeper.

If you truly want to make a positive change and impact in the world without burning yourself out or becoming part of the problem - this course is for you!

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How to Become A Racist is a journey of depth.


Removing the superficial and diving into the core of the question that was never asked.

How does someone become racist? 

It is in that becoming lies the answer to ending racism and the other 'isms that are harming our humanity and planet.


You want change.

You know our humanity can do better.

Yet you feel stuck or feel that even with all the powerful messages out there - nothing is empowering you to the next level.

This course was uniquely designed for you.

Course Overview

Welcome + Grounding

A warm welcome, Grounding, tips, and resources for the course. 

Part One: The Genesis and History of Racism

We go back to the first time racism entered humanity and trace it to our current day. History leaves clues and patterns; we unlock that along with definitions, philosophy, stories, and deep insights to ground the journey of becoming.


Part Two: Vibration of Racism | Language, and Stereotype

Diving deeper into language and stereotypes that interact with racism. Breaking down racism from a frequency and energetic level adds an even deeper level of understanding of what and how areas of racism interact and affect our dichotomy of humanity.


Part Three: Ending Racism | Timeline, Reflection, and Action

We begin with the ending in mind. A dynamic wrap-up that ties it all together. This wonderful finale is just the beginning yet yields so much hope in addressing not only racism but the lunar areas of our lives. You will be ready to take your journey of transformational change to the next level.

In the end, you will see why folks say this workshop helps end not only racism but the other isms' that are harming our humanity.

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Limited Pre-Launch Special Offer:

Sign up for the How to Become A Racist Self-Guided Course before 10.10.22 and EXCLUSIVE early access to:

  • Live and Recorded Q&A

  • The Humanity Masterclass Series

  • Lifetime access to The Humanity Masterclass community

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Added Course Bonuses:

  • Free Self-Care Course

  • Humanity Power Material

  • Article & Podcast Resources

Enroll Today

Pre-launch offer

After 10.10.22, the course resumes its regular price of $333 [plus added course bonus] without the pre-launch additions.

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Curious about how this course came to be?

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