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Leadership Development

You don't need another book.

You need a guide*.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your leadership journey or a seasoned professional, you will face unexpected challenges that present pebbles (or boulders) on your path.


Being "water" and leading from the heart takes practice. It balances your expertise with a recognition of the humanity all around you. Ultimately, your people, culture, and company benefit from your ability to lead from the center of your being. A positive culture is a more productive culture.

We believe that leadership development broken down is just navigating energy that gets stuck, stagnant or stale.


Coaching from the center, we help you unblock that energy to flow so you can show up as a humanity-conscious leader in your workspace, home space, and relationships.

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Meet Your Leadership Development Team


Alyssa Polizzi

Alyssa’s coaching style explores the complexity of the human experience, diving into nuanced behavioral and psychological patterns through rich symbolic, analytical, and archetypal techniques. This provides a grounded, goal-oriented structure that guides individuals on the path of personal development.

Arran Rogerson

Philosophical and creative with a focus on practical wisdom and strategic interventions, Arran’s coaching style aids in creating structure, uncovering underlying issues, and building a toolbox for problem-solving and self-empowerment.

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Andrea Kohalmi Summers 

Andrea guides you via a curious exploration of who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to be. From strategic business planning to personal growth and communications, Andrea partners with business executives to enhance self-evolution and awareness through intuitive knowingness, energy healing, and spiritual alignment.

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  • 1:1 sessions

  • Group coaching

  • Retreats

  • Workshops

Our Programs help you

  • Get unstuck while building confidence

  • Practice skills in a space of safety and grace

  • Connect with other leaders

  • Make the right decisions in more efficient  ways

  • Enrich the parallel growth of personal and professional

  • Design a better quality of life