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Our Story

CultureCircle was created because of my passion for people, culture, and startups. I witnessed a problem, identified a need and had a solution for growing startups that wanted to create the culture their people loved while keeping up with hyper-growth and constant change. 


The problem was two-fold; (1) friends and people I knew lost their quality of life, experienced depression and anxiety over the workplace environment. (2) startups that started strong ended up in failure even with millions of funding and being backed by the best VC’s in the business. 


It all originated from the Culture.


But Why?


Startups were put off or failed to invest the right attention into their People and Culture infrastructure which caused high attrition, low productivity, workplace toxicity, inequality and the mistreatment of employees. This ultimately led to the collapse of both the culture and startup. 


All the hard work, money, and energy that startups with market-changing ideas, close their doors, again and again. Not to mention all the lost jobs and lives affected. 


Story after story, I saw this happen. However, the solution was simple; startups needed to focus on the core areas that make up and influence startup culture the most. However, being a startup you are limited in time, resources and knowledge to properly allocate what is needed to see results. 


I quickly identified that if startups invested 20% of their energy and efforts earlier into their People (HR) and Culture foundation the infrastructure that was built will yield 80% of what is needed to scale and grow.

CultureCircle understands the challenges and lifecycle of a growing startup and provides services and resources for a healthy culture.

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