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Does your company have Deepfake Perks? (you'd be suprised)

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Deepfake Perks are disguised as convenient and fun "additions" to the culture and entice us to join and stay with a company.

Deepfake = something that appears real

Perks = things designed to entice and/or support

Let me ask you this: Have you ever interviewed at a company that seemed to have everything?

Snacks, breakfast, dinner, happy hours, gym, showers, flexible or unlimited vacation, and thought, “wow, the perks and culture are amazing.”

After a few months of the honeymoon, the effect wears off. You find that you are working more than you have before, relationships are rocky, and even when you are resting or supposed to enjoy the “flexible/unlimited” PTO, you are checking emails - the worst part is the culture seem to have lost its charm. seems

If you have experienced this, your company has Deepfake Perks.

I noticed an engineering team working late and offered to get them dinner. It was well received and allowed them to complete a huge project together. The CEO noticed that and said, "let's start offering dinner to everyone so they can stay late" - and we did, and people did stay later.

Even people with families and young kids.

Deepfake Perks mess with the balance and boundaries between life and work.

Unless you signed up for a job where you are expected to have 2 of the 3 main meals in the office, this is a clear life boundary breaker.

With 80% of chronic disease is caused by lifestyle-related issues, recognizing Deepfake Perks is not only going to be a lifesaver; recognizing them can be a career changer.

So as we unfold this topic of Deepfake Perks, we will offer solutions and resources on setting healthy boundaries and creating a culture of inclusivity for the future of work.

Thank you for reading.

Light and Love,



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