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Humanity's Guide To Layoffs

Imagine being told how valuable you are to a company, waking up one day to prepare for work only to find out you no longer have access to your company email, Slack, files, co-workers, contacts, and projects.

For millions of people, being laid off is a heart-dropping-to-stomach feeling that can leave you bitter, hurt, and confused. It can make you question all decisions leading up to the point of impact.

With livelihood on the line and survival mode heightened, those laid off scramble to find their next job while trying to trust that the next company won't treat them the same way.

There has to be a better way.

A more humane way.

Our humanity is only as good as our humans and their treatment of them.

Humanity's Guide to Layoffs for companies that want to use humanity when doing layoffs or find ways to prevent layoffs from happening.

Download the guide below

Humanity's Guide To Layoffs

Humanity's Guide To Layoffs
Download PDF • 2.85MB

May your company culture 🖖🏾

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