It's free to be kind

Nobody at work knew I was homeless.

I showed up showered and with a smile.

No indication that I lived in a shelter room with two young kids and shared a bathroom with a family of five.

Never attended any after-work events because there was a shelter curfew.

Colleagues were unaware that my clothes came from a pile of donations everyone at the shelter went through at night.

Leftovers I brought donated from generous restaurants.

When my team threw me a baby shower I spoke into existence about the nursery that I was putting together.

My manager sensed something but never pried or excluded me.

When I got out of the shelter into transitional housing I celebrated silently finally able to buy a dessert from the cafeteria.

Nobody knew I was homeless.

I performed exceptionally.

Always on time.

Was bubbly and friendly.

And was known for doing a great job.

You never know what others might be going through in the workplace.

Of all the money we spend, it's free to be kind.


Charisse Fontes

P.s. my story is still being written but it has a happy ending 😊 If you'd like to support the work we are doing with my non-profit Humanity Power, our GoFundMe is now live!


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