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These Are The Top 3 New Years' Resolutions. This is How To Avoid Failing At Them...

For the past decade, I've transitioned from making New Years' Resolutions (NYR) and focused more on vision boards, manifestation techniques, and setting transformational goals.

However, plenty of folks that I know and work with set NYR and I wanted to share a solid way to succeed at any resolution or goal setting that you might use.

The most common New Year's resolutions tend to focus on self-improvement and making positive changes in one's life.

Here are the top three most common New Year's resolutions:

  1. Exercise more and get in shape

  2. Lose weight

  3. Save money and improve finances

I'll share how to avoid failure and increase success with these top 3 New Years' Resolutions.

Exercise more and get in shape

Did you know that gyms are banking on you to make this resolution?

The two most important questions with this resolution are (1) why do you want to achieve success in this area. Documenting your why helps with motivation and momentum. (2) Why you might not have yet achieved this goal. This question is vital as it can help you identify gaps and patterns you want to avoid.

Once you've answered these two questions, reflect on the answers and create a goal.

Lose weight

The way this resolution is worded is setting you up to fail. Think about when you lose something - it's usually something of value, necessity, or sentiment. Transcend the phrase from 'lose weight to release weight. Set a goal with a date, and you got this!

Save money and improve finances

Understanding your relationship with money is the first thing to consider before committing to this resolution. For example, if you have a story that money is hard to come by, yet you'd like money to flow to you in abundance, you must clean up the story that conflicts with the reality you desire.

Here is one way to rewrite these top resolutions to optimize success:

  1. Accept my body in this moment and find ways to move my body and release endorphins

  2. Release x amount of weight / Attract x amount of weight

  3. Rewrite the story I have with money. Replace it with the one that supports my ideal Financial goals

Other common resolutions include quitting smoking, reducing stress and anxiety, volunteering more, and improving relationships with family and friends.

To ensure success with any resolution or goal:

  • Ask the right questions

  • Rephrase the wording

  • Rewrite the story

Final thoughts and resources

We've been facing the wrong way our entire lives (facing outwards). To achieve the transformation that leads to success, we must go inward. Start to navigate towards NY Transformations, which involve going inwards and allowing the internal shift to guide the results for the external.

For example, if I resolve my need to compensate for material things by understanding my worth. In that case, I make the external shift to no longer needing to buy unnecessary items that strain my finances, which will result in saving money, energy, and time that can be redirected to something I love doing vs. something I have to do.

We, humans, are so powerful that IF we did even half the things that inspire us, we would shift the paradox of humanity and transcend into a new space and way of being that would make this current reality seem so primitive.


A blessing for your 2023

May you thrive in abundance.

May clarity meet you wherever you are.

May your light stay lit.

May your heart swoon with each day.

May you be surrounded by wonderful people and endless opportunities.

May you have unwavering healthy.

May you define success and reach every ounce of it.

May you have peace in all the lunar moments of life.

May you thrive in the direction of your original calling.

May you release the stories and narratives that do not serve you.

May you speak to you like the person you need in your life right now.

May you breathe in from the cosmos and breathe out from the depths of grounded roots.

May you have a 2023 that transforms and transcends all that you do.

May you live long and prosper.

With Gratitude,


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