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6 Steps To Do After You've Been Laid Off (or quit your job)

I write this from a space of having been laid off and from quitting a job.

This is the advice I gave friends, past co-workers, and anyone that asked after the layoffs in 2020.

Being laid off or quitting your job requires healing and time; as I reflect on each situation, it sets me up to do what I'm doing now.

If you are reading this and have been just laid off or just quit your job (or thinking of quitting), my hope is that each word speaks to the part of you that isn't fearful, hurting, or afraid.

My hope is that it speaks to the inner-being that knows what's next, and with the strength of that part of you, I share these words.

Step 1. Give yourself space and time to rest your energy

You might feel the need to start looking for a job right away but give yourself a few days. Not much, and just enough will shift in 72 hours.

As your energy is going and ungrounding experience, this is the perfect time to be still and rest it. Don't make any big decisions externally and internally.

By internally, I mean the self-talk that you did something wrong or that things would have been different if you did this or that.

Rest. Give yourself space. It makes a huge difference. All you need is a little time.

Step 2. Write down what you want without conditions

After you have given yourself space, rest, and grace, get a piece of paper and write out what you want without conditions.

For example: "I want a company with a great culture." rather than "I want a company with a great culture that has x-amount in funding."

I share this because usually, our conditions tend to conflict with our original ask. Keep it clean and list ALL the things you want.

One of the keys to knowing what you want is knowing what you don't want. At this time, you know all you need to know to make this list.

Step 3. Write down a list of companies you are excited about regardless of a job opening

Next is to daydream a bit about companies you've always admired or wanted to work with. Make that list - don't be concerned if they are hiring or not. Let it flow.

Step 4. Write down your 'Love-Enjoy-Meh' List

Love = anything that you would do all day with no pay.

Enjoy = you would do it all day, but with pay

Meh = you would pay or delegate to someone else

This is one of my favorite and first exercises I give to anyone who joins Culture Circle.

And very key in this process.

Writing down what you Love-Enjoy-Meh will help you attract and identify the next role for you, and you will be able to articulate it during interviews.

Step 5. Find three to five job descriptions that fit what you want regardless of requirements.

Do a little research and find a few job descriptions that match what you want. Don't worry about the requirements.

Highlight the things you enjoy and love the most. You will use this to cross-reference and group with your Love-Enjoy-Meh.

If you'd like to take it a step further, you can make a job vision board of the specific title, role, company, and cultural attributes - this dabs in the visioning, affirmations, and manifestation, but it's a fun project that yields results.

Step 6. Network and apply.

Now that you have clarity of what you want and what you are looking for, it will be easier to identify a job you are excited about and let those in your network know what you are looking for in your next role or company.

And when a job is presented, or you come across it, you can use your Love-Enjoy-Meh job vision board as a checklist.

Bonus tips:

Every six months, update your resume with the most relevant things and highlights you've done within your current role.

Create affirmation cards from your love and enjoy list. For example, if one of your loves were connecting with new people, you would write an affirmation saying I am connecting with amazing people.

Always check the culture you are interviewing. Here are questions that you can ask in different areas of culture. Pick some of the areas that matter most to you and ask them throughout the interview process.

Wisdom tip:

"Remember this because it will happen many times in your life. When people show you who they are the first time believe them." - Maya Angelou

If something happens once, it is unlikely it will happen again. If something happens twice, it's will likely occur a third time. Ask about layoffs within a company and HOW they were handled.


Here are a few resources that can assist you along your jobseeking journey.

Free Jobffirmations: Over 50 Powerful Affirmations for Jobseekers

Fill out the form, and look out for some happy mail.

Free Therapy Resources

Jobseeking can take a toll on you mentally. These are free resources to help you stay mentally healthy as you find your next role.

Over 50 Culture Hitting Question to ask in an interview

Ask the right culture questions to see if this is the place for you.

Resume Templates

Over 15 visually captivating resume templates to help you get noticed and get that next role. These are Canva inspired, sign in, make a copy and edit them here.

60 Seconds and You're Hired

A book I recommend reading while jobseeking

Movie Inspo for Jobseekers

Leader Phrase Book

A great book that can help you find the right words in any situation

Bonus clip: I made this video after I resigned from the highest-paying job I've ever had. The one where I was the only income for a family of 7 and nothing lined up. May this glimpse of my past be a form of encouragement of what can be and what is possible in the future.

Ask: If you are a recruiter, hiring or someone who has experienced being laid off or quitting your job, please add to these tips and resources.


Light and love to you all,



Awesome! Advice, Charisse. :-)



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