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Charisse brings messages of high-vibration to events and company gatherings to discuss the ideas of humanity in the workplace, culture shift, and -isms with an anthropological lens.

For speaking engagements please contact tribe@culturecircle.co 


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It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day.

We’re inspired by neighbors like Charisse Fontes in Concord, Calif., who has fed more than 450 local families with money out of her own pocket during the pandemic. Each month Charisse posts on Nextdoor asking neighbors to sign up if they’d appreciate a free meal, no questions asked. Read more...

The Complete Guide to Prepare for Black History Month

Before we get started, I want to say: Black history is American history. Period. Charisse breaks down 7 ways to authentically integrate Black History Month activities into your company culture, as well as a strategy map for implementation and an opportunity to highlight your fantastic work. Read more...

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Charisse talks about the concept of humanity, kindness, and the importance of having a mission-driven purpose in order to create change in the world around us and ending the the –isms.

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