The Trinity

Inspire. Grow. Empower. 

360 Education for leaders and employees with a desire to create change and impact within their workplace and communities.


How to become a racist

A three-part 90-minute workshop dives into the topic of racism. This workshop uses a positive and inspiring lens to address and solve racism along with it the other ‘isms that harm our humanity.


Understanding Bias for Foundational Inclusion

Breaks down bias through a scientific, anthropological, and humanity lens.

Mixed with discussion and interaction. Experience lasting transformation and continuous practice.


Understanding 'isms for Foundational Inclusion

Addresses the 'isms (racism, sexism, colorism, ageism, etc.) often found in the workplace and how to keep them from influencing your people, process, hiring, and more.

“Charisse Fontes and the Culture Circle tribe offer a uniquely fresh and impactful approach to addressing bias and all the -isms that we confront at work and in society at large.  Their sessions directly address the issues and bring humanity and grace to the forefront.

In a word….”Refreshing.”


–Vincent McDonald,

Chief International Strategy Officer, Accuweather