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What our client partners say

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SJ Sacchetti

Cleo, CEO

"Charisse is a true change agent with a purpose - to connect, align and support cultural transformations - with humans and authenticity at the center. Her bespoke, holistic approach to accelerating connectivity and inclusivity for her clients has been a true gift to Cleo, and me as a CEO looking to lead in new ways in this new era.


Mike Brown

CEO, Win-Win

Amazing experience working with Charisse. There's nothing she can't handle! She's wonderful with our employees and has a special way of creating positive vibes throughout the office


Ron Berry

Social Contract, CBO

The team at Culture Circle is the most accurate definition of "lightworkers." They are the beacon in the night's sea that safely and efficiently wades you and your valuables to their most appropriate destination.


Jackie Choy

atspoke, VP of People

Incredibly thoughtful partner who is constantly finding solutions and recommendations tailored to our specific business. Very in tune with team needs that we may have missed.

We're not one-night-stand consultants

Here for the culture. Stay for the humanity.