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Big change happens in small groups. 

Inclusive, interactive workshops hosted by best-in-class facilitators. 

Culture 101 Workshop


Breaking down key facets that have the greatest impact on company culture and how you can leverage them to create and maintain the culture you desire.


Participants will walk away with functional knowledge and specific strategies that can be implemented to keep culture strong.

How To Beat Burnout Workshop


Pairing nicely with the self-care workshop, we dive into the top causes of burnout and how to avoid them within the workplace. 


The best part about this workshop is the co-creation of working community agreements to keep the culture accountable to supporting a burnout-free workplace. 

The Trinity Workshop


Self Care Workshop


All about the four core pillars of self-care and how to create methods that allow for consistent self-care to manage stress, anxiety, and what to do when you get overwhelmed.

You'll walk away with a self-care kit and tools you can use right away that will remove stress and anxiety while enriching your productivity and awareness.

Truth about Impostor Syndrome Workshop


Space to talk and break into groups on how to best show up without feeling as if you don't deserve or belong to be in the spaces you are in.


This is a great time to reflect on what causes these feelings and provides tools to combat them. 

What's included:

  • Resources and handouts

  • Breakouts or small groups

  • Engaging Facilitators

  • Backstage Facilitator Access

  • Recording of workshops available 

Three powerful workshops: How to Become A Racist, Understanding Bias for Foundational Inclusion, and Understanding the 'isms for Foundational Inclusion.

Great for companies that want to do DEI differently or get started on creating a more inclusive workplace starting with foundational education. 


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How to Become A Racist

Anonymous Attendee

"Racism is a learned behavior. Therefore, it can be unlearned. This workshop provides a safe space to reflect on how racism manifests and, more importantly, what you can do on an individual level to challenge implicit and explicit biases."


How to Become A Racist

AccuWeather Attendee

"Of all the workshops and seminars that I have taken part in that seek to address the issue of racism, this one is the most fruitful and has the potential to provide the most impact. This is true not just on the individual level or within smaller social circles -- but the tools and perspectives offered here can transform our entire society if we lovingly share with others. The more people that we can reach, the more that can subsequently be reached thereafter as the positive vibes compound."

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Impostor Syndrome 

Anonymous Attendee

"This topic was well-timed and covered well. Impostor Syndrome is something I've had to work through and having the education, helpful data, and small groups opened a new world for me. I feel more confident and excited to use what we learned. Thank you!"

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How to Become A Racist

Adrienne M.

“This workshop was incredibly enlightening and informative. Almost all of us have biases based on our upbringings; this workshop enables you to see past your unconscious filters. Charisse is pure joy and a fabulous, kind, and non-judgmental facilitator who creates a space for safe sharing and growth.”