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But first,
Check our vibe.

The Humans.

Charisse Fontes

Charisse Fontes, Human.

Founder/Culture/ Advisor/


Kelsey Ley Culture Circle

Kelsey Ley Human. 

Culture / Workshops /


Alyssa Polizzi Culture Circle

Alyssa Polizzi  Human.

Business Tarot / Wellness / Coaching

Maria Vargas Culture Circle

Maria Vargas  Human.

Culture / Workshops / Speaking

But what's with the pineapple? 

We Got Vitamin C Vibes! 

Culture Circle is necessary for growth, development, and repair. We keep the company's immunity healthy, provide healing, and keep the culture's overall structure solid.

What We Value.


We use the best parts of
our humanity within all we


I am because we are.


We are mindful of energy
and how it is used to
achieve the desired

How We Do business.

We do business differently.

We won't work with everyone, but when we do, we go all in.

This means that we don't tack on for spending extra time during an advisory session, or we'll host a workshop if we see it's really needed at no cost.

It's like this; we put extra fries at the bottom of the bag, so just when you think they're gone, you are happily surprised with more.


Lastly, we are intuitive, and it's been one of our greatest benefits to our clients. We bring the lunar (intuition/woo-woo) and the linear ( data-driven/analytical/tangible) together to create a holistic approach to workplace culture.


Culture Circle was birthed from an experience from the Founder's homeless in the workplace experience and has been cultivated and cared for by humans that understand how deeply impactful the workplace can be in our daily lives.

Our why is simple. Humanity.

We have this idea that one of the best ways to impact the world is to ensure that each human first understand their humanity and are treated like human. So many antiquated and outdated work methodologies go against that; yielding humans is the workplace that doesn't feel they have a voice, oppressed, depressed, functional zombies that go out into the world and their home spaces only to treat others the same. That cycle won't help our humanity.

So, out of a love for humanity and passion for seeing successful companies do what they do best, Culture Circle does what it does.

What Companies Think.

Cleo Culture Circle Client

"Charisse is a true change agent with a purpose - to connect, align and support cultural transformations - with humans and authenticity at the center. Her bespoke, holistic approach to accelerating connectivity and inclusivity for her clients has been a true gift to Cleo, and me as a CEO looking to lead in new ways in this new era".

SJ Sacchetti
Cleo, Former CEO

Social Contract Culture Circle Client

The team at Culture Circle is the most accurate definition of "lightworkers." They are the beacon in the night's sea that safely and efficiently wades you and your valuables to their most appropriate destination.

Ron Berry
Managing Partner

Social Contract Culture Circle Client

Meet the Founder.

Charisse Fontes Founder Culture Circle

Charisse Fontes

Charisse is an accomplished author, speaker, and thought leader in the culture industry.


She is also a philosopher, community cultivator, and birth doula. Through her company, Culture Circle, she has worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to billion-dollar corporations, helping them cultivate strong cultures and develop their employees.


Charisse is also the leader of a non-profit called Humanity Power and supports families during childbirth as a doula. In her personal time, Charisse enjoys practicing self-care, spending time with family, and being in nature.


Known for her ability to inspire and energize a room, Charisse has provided coaching to employees and executives at all levels in the areas of culture and personal and professional development.

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Healthy Culture. Happy Humans.

We're a boutique culture partner for growing companies.

Bay Area • LA•  Austin • New York • Mexico

100% Human Owned Business 

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