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We're like vitamin C for company culture...

necessary for growth, development, and repair.
Keeping your company's immunity healthy and your culture's overall structure solid.

Words of Gratitude

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SJ Sacchetti

Cleo, CEO

"Charisse is a true change agent with a purpose - to connect, align and support cultural transformations - with humans and authenticity at the center. Her bespoke, holistic approach to accelerating connectivity and inclusivity for her clients has been a true gift to Cleo, and me as a CEO looking to lead in new ways in this new era".


Ron Berry

Social Contract, CBO

The team at Culture Circle is the most accurate definition of "lightworkers." They are the beacon in the night's sea that safely and efficiently wades you and your valuables to their most appropriate destination.

Your Partner in Culture

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Culture Circle Vitamin C

Culture Assessment 

A comprehensive and efficient way to identify organizational culture improvement opportunities.

Culture Circle Vitamin C


Educational and engaging experiences that create positive energy and momentum.

Culture Circle Vitamin C


Advice and guidance for all things related to your company culture.

Meet the Founder


Charisse Fontes

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Charisse is an accomplished author, speaker, and thought leader in the culture industry.


She is also a philosopher, community cultivator, and birth doula. Through her company, Culture Circle, she has worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to billion-dollar corporations, helping them cultivate strong cultures and develop their employees.


Charisse is also the leader of a non-profit called Humanity Power and provides support to families during childbirth as a doula. In her personal time, Charisse enjoys practicing self-care, spending time with family, and being in nature.


Known for her ability to inspire and energize a room, Charisse has provided coaching to employees and executives at all levels in the areas of culture and personal and professional development.

In the News

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