The Final Frontier.

Wait, that's Star Trek...

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We're Culture Circle.

We're fluent in human. 

Understand business. 

Deliver exceptional results.

Culture Circle is a culture consultancy that partners with growing companies on culture, inclusion, and everything in between.

We are bring humanity into the workplace.

Healthy & Inclusive Cultures Achieve: 

Origin Story

Culture Circle was conceived from an experience the Founder had.

Charisse speaks openly about how no one in the workplace knew she was homeless. Despite her situation, the culture she experienced ensured that she was seen as human and felt supported during a difficult time.


That experience inspired Charisse to one day create similar environments for others.

Culture Circle was birthed in 2016 after Charisse had been the head of People and Culture at a hyper-growth startup. She watched startups emerge and grow. There was one thing that was underestimated and misunderstood.

Their Culture.

Each company had it, but what they did with it either had them closing doors or losing people in waves. Few had tapped into the power of a healthy and inclusive workplace culture.

Charisse started Culture Circle to bring humanity into the workplace and amplify the workplace culture and people within.

Her love for anthropology, passion for humanity, understanding of business, and birth-work as a doula, Charisse, and the tribe help growing companies achieve their culture and inclusion goals in non-traditional yet effective ways.

A wise man once said: 
"Culture is where humans gather in business."
 (his name is Stan Slap)

Live Long and Prosper. 🖖🏾