We’re not one-night-stand consultants. 

We partner with you to create healthy and inclusive work cultures using an anthropological lens that captures the depth and desire of what your culture needs.

We value HUE.


Humanity: We use the high vibration of our Humanity in a continuous practice.

Ubuntu: I am because we are.

Efficiency: We are mindful of the energy we use and how we use it.

Humanity. Ubuntu. Efficiency. These key values create the foundation for inclusive and healthy workplace cultures. U.S-based Culture Circle, founded by Charisse Fontes, is the only Black-owned, Woman-run Culture Consulting Agency that transforms the employee experience through the lens of anthropology and humanity.

Charisse is a culture consultant, anthropologist, birth doula, mother of 5, author of Humanity the Manatee, and founder of Culture Circle's non-profit branch,

Humanity Power which is dedicated to ending the -isms that plague humanity. Charisse is on a mission bringing high-vibrations to workplaces and humanity as a whole