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The Final Frontier.

(Wait, that's Star Trek)

Company culture has evolved from what a company has to how a company feels.


Multi-generational, remote, hybrid, traditional, and innovative workplaces all have one thing in common: humans are the variable.

We do a great job at understanding and honoring the variable. 

What separates good cultures from great isn't a matter of strategy and execution. It's humanity and excellence.

Culture Circle is a boutique culture consultancy that partners with companies on their culture, inclusion, and beyond. 

We like to keep things simple, engaging, and human. 

Our Values


we use the best parts of our humanity within all we do.


I am because we are.


mindful of energy and how it is being used to achieve the desired outcome.

Meet the Founder


Charisse Fontes

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It all started with an experience I had while I was homeless with two kids and pregnant. I was introduced to healthy and inclusive workplace culture, and it changed my life.

It took some time for me to find it again as many companies were using antiquated systems and ways - treating humans as resources and not being able to truly focus on the foundational core of culture. 

As a birth doula, anthropologist, heart for humanity, and understanding what businesses go through and ultimately want to achieve, I launched Culture Circle for companies that want to excel and thrive past survival, celebrate their success, and be significant within their industry.


My hope regardless if we work together is that you, your people, and your company live long and prosper. 🖖🏾 

Light and Love

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we're a boutique culture consulting agency for growing companies

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