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Culture Circle Vitamin C

Need Some Vitamin C?

A Partner in Culture

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Culture Circle Vitamin C

Culture Assessment 

A comprehensive and efficient way to identify organizational culture improvement opportunities.

Culture Circle Vitamin C


Educational and engaging experiences that create positive energy and momentum.

Culture Circle Vitamin C


Advice and guidance for all things related to your company culture.

We help...

  • Company values

  • Increase employee retention 

  • Sustainable productivity

  • Deepen collaboration and innovation

  • Level up leaders and managers 

  • Design employee experiences and people programs

  • Empower remote and hybrid workplaces

  • Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes

  • Educate on culture-based topics

  • Establish a strong, healthy, and inclusive company culture

Words of Gratitude


Mike Brown

CEO, Win-Win

Amazing experience working with Charisse. There's nothing she can't handle! She's wonderful with our employees and has a special way of creating positive vibes throughout the office


Jackie Choy

atspoke, VP of People

Incredibly thoughtful partner who is constantly finding solutions and recommendations tailored to our specific business. Very in tune with team needs that we may have missed.

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