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Resignation Revolution

Laozi said when people have nothing more to lose, then the revolution will result.

What we saw last year when millions left their jobs, starting a movement in which the momentum has awoken parts of our humanity.

The best visual I can find for this is a scene from the movie, Soul:

While companies are trying to wow and retain employees with money. The answer is simpler and less expensive than most think.

Your employees want to be treated like humans.

And the attribute is free:


With this free attribute, the risk is only to the ego. Not the company.

Why is it so hard for companies to come into alignment with what matters most to their people?

The truth is companies have been out of touch with humanity for decades now.

Starting with the Industrial revolution and sponsored by the deep fake perks of HR.

So what can be done?

Rethink the relationship between employees.

Employees are human.

The people in the role of the employer are human.

A heart full of light, love, and gratitude, ❤️ 🔆

Charisse Fontes

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