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I Am Not a "Diversity"

I wouldn't want to get hired at a company right now because I wouldn't 100% know if it due to my skill and experience or because I'm a "check the box."

Due to the newfound or renewed focus on "diversity" and having the privilege of being in the room when these conversations are happening. I'm feeling a certain way.

If I apply for a job right now, will I move forward because I am the most qualified candidate, or am I a part of some qualitative data to check a box or metric?

The fact that I can't tell means we've done something wrong.

Humans are not checkboxes.

I am not a diversity.

Don't call me a minority.

A company's vibe attracts its tribe.

It's because something about your company vibe is off.

With ALL the data that proves that more inclusive and diverse companies are highly successful in every business metric, you would think that companies would quit with the bandaid solutions, address the culture first, focus on inclusion, and honor and celebrate the diversity that already exists.

🔆❤️ P.S Please define diversity before you start looking for something that already exists.


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